Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Secret Lust Affair

I've known her years long before now
She was always so slender and tender and fine
She has a look about her not from here
She's black and yet white and yet brown
See her smile through the mesh of her brace
See the breasts that heave as her breath takes her pace
If I could manage I'd hear her every night
If I could afford we'd take a couple flights
I like to see her dance I like to see her pose
If I could be anything I'd like to be her clothes
To hold her close
To keep her smell
To feel her hair
To be with her, here and there
There's something about her flow
That keeps me on the roll
And so though all I can do is dream
I will as often as possible
All that matters to me now
Is our secret lust affair
For though she does not know
She's an award winning actress
In the story of my life