Friday, October 22, 2010

When i wasn't in love with you

When I wasn’t in love with u

Once upon a time I met a girl
She was dark and big and very beautiful
She was a good flirt; full of shit we talked so much dirt

I remember her little funny voice
Her funny looking teeth and the beautiful sweet smile
She’d call me up all night
We’d talk till there was light
In my head and my heart went bright

She was my partner
Listened every second I had woman trouble
Told me every minute some guy messed up
She didn’t owe me anything
Yet then, she gave me everything
I miss when we could just talk
About everything
No awkward serious silent moments
I miss the bad old days
But that was when I wasn’t in love with you

When love comes into the picture everything changes
You don’t know whether to say it now or later
You don’t know whether its really there or here
You don’t know if it’s going to progress through the stages
All you know is that things are different

Now she’s all I ever think about
She’s the subject of my every talk
The star in my every dream
The rhythm in my every movement
Loving her is without effort
As bad as she could be for me she’s without price

I miss when she’d hit me up online with a nasty password
I miss when I’d lie just so I could be with her
I miss when we’d tease till we ran out of gasps
I miss the girl who became the friend I couldn’t stop liking
But that was when I wasn’t in love with you

Because those times were good but having you now is special
Those days were fun but each second with you now is precious
Those moments are stuck in my memory
But every piece in the puzzle of time with you now is timeless
I miss the old me and you
But nothing beats now that I’m in love with you

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I want to Love you

Swing your heart towards mine in a sweet embrace captivate my senses
Take for granted that I’m another’s son make me your little puppet boy
I want to give you a secret that you cannot help not keeping
I want to love you so much your bones will shudder at me
Shivers down your spine pulses through your nerves
I want to love you with all that I am

Saturday, October 2, 2010

60 minutes 3 fuckups

I’m better than this
better than making such big fool of myself
and definitely better than
hurting you so

I can blame it all on how much I like u
true sometimes your presence does overwhelm me
I can blame it on how fine I think you are
sometimes your beauty does confuse me
I can blame it on many many things
but that just won’t be enough
cos 3 fuckups in 60 minutes
damn I must be sick

I noe u say apology accepted
but I can’t get myself to turn the page
for the first time in all time
I was with you and yet felt strange
I fucked up so good
I didn’t even need anyone’s help
I fucked up so bad
and it hurts that it got to u

so let me make it up to you
call u each night to sing you a song
wake u up in the morning with sweet lined poems
walk you to your car, purse in my hand
visit you at home with ice cream and all
and as many times as you wish
suck the breath out of me with
a thousand and one kisses
I deserve it
cos 3 fuckups in 60 minutes
damn I must be crazy