Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cafe Rococo

Ms Monaco
Please come join me in the café Rococo
Where we can make our dreams
Swim in rivers and drink from streams
Come to the café Rococo
Come eat some cake and drink some cocoa
Ms Monaco
Come blind my sight
With your beauty so bright
Come occupy this seat
By my side and make my heart beat
Let my feet grow cold
Let my lyrics sound old
Let soon stories be told
That by your side I am no more bold
Come join me in the café Rococo
Ms Monaco
Please don’t say no

I am here alone
Lost in wondrous thoughts
Of your seductive mannerisms
Like the rude god of the Persians
I have been defeated by no less a Spartan
Than you, Queen of hearts
My indolent self
Has been transformed by your
Mind blowing, tongue twisting and soul stirring self
Ah aa
You are to me
The drop of due
From the green leaves of the morning
Your beauty challenges the story of creation
Your hips could make Rolls Royce go mass production
If I had amnesia
I’d still remember your smile and laughter
If I had pneumonia
I’d still be with you even though you make me shiver

When first I set eyes on you
When I heard you speak
My heart fell in tune
Ms Monaco

You bring the best out of me
My honey will taste sweetest if I were a bee
You invoke my innermost desires
You make me boil like water on hot fires
You are so bright like sunflowers
You are like a rose with magical powers
Like red wine in a bottle
So is you in your body
Yes I am slain under your beauty
But your essence, your soul within
Is even more alluring
Even more overwhelming
Even more devouring
In love with you, I just keep drowning

Ms Monaco
Please come join me, in the café Rococo
Come through my life
Come stay, be my baby, be my girl, be my wife
Let’s share the joys and the gains
Let’s share the hurts and the pains
I am too human to promise perfection
But for every substitution
There will be ample compensation
Come let’s stand on the balcony
Let me call you honey and spray you some money
Come let’s wine and dine
Let me hold you close and make you mine
Let’s venture into the unknown
Having faith in God and our love
Ms Monaco
You make me laugh
Let me do you the same
You make me strong
Let me be the one with whom to move on
You make my heart beat
Let’s have children who’ll play in the streets
I know I have flaws
I make mistakes
And have my very own shortcomings
But what am I except a human

So Ms Monaco
Please come to the café Rococo
I am waiting
I’ve been waiting hours unending
Everyday I wait at this same spot
Ms Monaco please come
Everybody has left
Couples gone home
Lovers gone for strolls
But I am still here
I am tired
I am sleepy
But I am still here
Ms Monaco
Please come to me
I am here waiting
In the café Rococo

Fruits of Love

Fruits of love freshly born
Pleasing to behold and to hold so pleases my heart
Yet piercing my heart so painful it does
Cupid’s arrow bruises my soul
My soul and its members I relinquish in my bid
In my desire I retire to the harsh burns of painful love’s fire
Look my way miss smiles look the way cupid looks
Caress my lips with the fruity juiciness of yours
And touch my skin with your chocolate seeming skin
If you were sent a messenger unto me from the gods
I’d capture you and be forever banished from their presence
To be thy lasting keeper
Thy carer and thy lover
I would without twice thinking steal you into my bode
Fruits of love freshly born
Seeds of which was planted ago
I wait till when in my hands I shall hold
And in beholding you, you shall belong
And be long and forever mine to have
My very other half
Mine to keep
In safest of keeps and of locks and keys
And to be forever together
The truest of friends and the best of lovers.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Can't we Together

Why can’t we be together
Me yours and you my better other
When we are so much in love
My heart and yours in united resonance
Why can’t you be mine and I yours
When our every presence makes each other shudder
When my words just make you smile
And your smiles just make my words compile
And my words again make you glow
And in glowing our love just keeps to grow
Like a dream of a long long night
Like a song that I hear that I do not wish to end
Like the waves of a gentle sea that I do not pray to cease
We look good together
Better than Romeo and Juliet his lover

We feel good together
Feel safer than Sampson in the arms of Delilah
We are perfect for each other
So why can’t we be like this forever
Why must we let reason unfounded
And excuses abounding
And the pride of life
And the egos of our hearts
Cause these same hearts to miss out on life
To miss out on trust
To miss out on hope on dreams on love
Why can’t we be together even though we be one
I can’t seem to understand
Why can’t it be us?

Remember our Wednesday Walks

Do you remember the days gone by long long ago
Once upon a time me and you used to flow
We’d shiver and quiver at the sight of each other
And bless God should it rain
We’d find nothing stopping me and you
From wrapping together till the rain was through
Do you remember our every Wednesday Walk?
We’d giggle over nothing and find something to say just so we would talk
You taught me all I know about girls
I taught you all there is to know about guys
Run around run about for nothing in particular
Two best friends our affair was spectacular
Do you remember the days gone long long ago?
Once upon a time we used to stroll every week
We’d go down the road to get some ice cream
I liked holding your arm
I loved acting like a big boy
Who could stand in the way so none would hurt you
And every night when you’d give me a peck on my cheeks
Damn! It felt like getting a new dress fresh from the boutique
And once or twice we’d discuss our future wedding
Should we do it together?
Should we marry each other?
Or we could just marry two others?
It’s been ages since we last took a stroll
And though I know we’re both now grown
It won’t be bad to walk around again
It won’t be bad to hug you again
Or have you run into my arms when it threatens to rain
And when we get some ice cream
From that place, “Le Petit Paris”
Maybe we can smear it over each other like we did long long ago
And slurp it off our cheeks and arms and lips
And when we’ve had all the fun
We’d take a perfect picture
And call it none other but
“Remember our Wednesday Walks”

Thursday, June 18, 2009


What do you do when the past keeps visiting your present?

When every time your eyes catch her sight

Your heart remem

bers that old and bright light

When everywhere you go you meet many signs

That keep asking why you letting her go?

She was everythin

g I cou

ld think about

My fair lady and chronic dream

Like strawberry topped vanilla ice cream

She was my reason to smile and cry and even lie

She was not the queen of my heart

She was my heart

Like a kaleidoscope of many colors

She brought diverse energies

And various synergies

Of love, and hope and joy

She was not the girl of my dreams

She was my dream

What do you do when she keeps coming up?

Even in moments when some else has her spot

She comes and she goes

And with that your being and your soul

Is it possible to just let her go so?

Tear Drops

My eyes are heavy and burdened with countless drops

Of crystal clear truthful tears

And yes I must admit there’s many more fears

But my heart beats bitter for these words not said

Every night you fill my thoughts and I wish that was enough

Through the day you are my

ever gay dream

But that too does not wield all the steam

Because though this train wishes to move

It wishes to move and never to halt

So to love you I know that I most definitely probably do

Yet to say and commit I’m presumably absolutely scared

Because I’ve been too many times bruised

Many more than that abused

Taken for granted and trodden over

Because I’ve been cupids victim; a lover

So hold on some more little white rose

Allow my tear drops to wet your petals more

For in one tear drop many things are said

Many things that the lips are too cowardly to allow to escape

Allow some more meetings with the hands of the clock

When the time is right the siren will chime

For I most definitely probably do

And will possibly explicitly say I love you very soon.

Friends are Forever

It’s not about when you came
It’s not what you brought or have come to take
You’ve been around when I’ve needed you
You’ve seen me through a lot of pain
But it’s not even about how useful you’ve been
You’ve not always said the right words
And not always been of help
But it’s not about all of that
I call you my friend
Because all this while you’ve been here
Through the good and through the bad
Through the phases through the days
Even when I have been the worse of us two
You came and never left
I call you my friend
Because you’ve stayed

My love for you

When I say I love you
I do not mean to say
That I may never hurt you
When I say I love you
I do not mean to say
That I may never disappoint you
When I say I love you
I do not mean to say
I’ll be there every step along the way
But when I say I love you
I admit my weakness for you
And yet the strength I find in you
I admit I’m human and not perfect
And ask your helping hand
I subject my thoughts, desires and ego
To a force much greater much better
When I say I love you
I do not mean to say
That I’m all there is and may never go wrong
But what I really want to say
Is that for all that I am worth
I’ll give to see you smile

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What if i was not Taken

What if I was not taken?

Would it make any difference at all?

You sure you would be professing your love

This much if I was a loner and you had no lover

What if I was to say let’s give it a shot?

Would you go ahead with all your love ranting

And sugarcoated promises and emotional this that that?

What if I was not taken?

Would you go catch a movie with me

And slurp some ice cream

And toss around some pop corn

And spill laughter everywhere we go?

Will you be willing to take my jealousy?

And my constant demand for attention?

Would you cook when you’ve done your nails

Would you drive when your back is hurting and I be sleeping

Oh and when it’s cold and I want some warmth yet you too tired would you show me some love?

I have some mood swings

I have some nasty habbits

Sometimes I snore

Is that something you can ignore?

You say it’s too late

We’ve got the wrong date

But what if I was not taken

What would have changed?

Would you still go on and on about how you love me?

Act Up

Let’s just quit this skit

Stop acting like u don’t want me

Or like I don’t need you

Cos this thing is making my head split

You walk around and throw your hair

You fill your head with thoughts of me

And you flood your heart with desires for me


You are so quick to denounce your love for me

Easy going happy go lucky acting like

Yoh I can take a hike

I’m tired of this sketch

My heart has reached its limit it can no more stretch

I’m sick and tired of playing along

Acting like some piece of log


You say you need me

Well hear it again I want you too

Me and you like we’re saying I do

Let’s squash this trash

Let’s quit this skit

Cos me and you, we are meant to fit

Contemplations of a Wandering Soul

I sit and I think

Wandering everyday in thoughts and imaginations

Like a ship on the waters with no yonder light

I walk in total darkness with nothing in sight

I shout within

My hair stands without

My heart beats irregular rhythms

Cos my brain cannot fathom the changing seasons

My emotions move to and fro like a boy

Swinging on a see saw or like a buoy

Moving on the sea so

Or like a toy

Changing owners here and there

My head spins my heart races

Everything about me changes even my walk, my talk

And the frequency with which I look at my clock

I sit and I think

What’s this disease I caught?

My stomach churns

My tongue tightens

I lose my mind and I lose my cool

Damn it

A wandering soul

So I sit and I think

What is this?

I’m wondering everyday if this feeling is right

I’m wandering everyday from my left to my right

I pick a pen and paper but just can’t write

Don’t know what to say

Don’t know where to start

Is this the thing?

What they call love

Is this the confusion it bestows on its wielder?

Or am I the one lost from my many travels

From my wandering and straying

Is she the one?

Or I’ve just been wandering

Contemplating over nothing? Huh?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sweet Memoir

No you are not!
You are not going to be my sweet memory
You are too relevant in the now
To belong in my past
You are the words inscribed on this page
I beg you ask me not to flip
Sweet memory? NO

A memory cannot be merely sweet unless it rolls on into the now
Unless by stretching I can still touch
And by touching we can still hold
And in holding we can still feel each others skin resonate
The shivers within
And the spikes down the spines
A memory cannot be merely sweet
Unless by remembering we can see each other now
And in seeing you can be wrapped in my armpit
And in so doing be close
And be near and be dear anytime anywhere
This memory cannot be merely sweet
Because distance has taken his place
And time has split our union
And the spirit that brought me to you
Has taken you from me
It cannot be a sweet memory
Because that may be all there will ever be
Because every time I stroll back
I’ll remember the smile
I’ll remember the face
I’ll remember the Cinderella dress
And the fairytale kiss
Every time I dare remember
I will remember I still owe you chocolates
And I still owe you a visit
And that we still have to catch some movies in the cinema

Sweet memory you say
It’s been merely a fortnight
But damn it I’ve felt your might
The messages keep coming back
My cell phone keeps ringing
I’m not tired of answering it
Neither are my fingers weary of punching keys
I have not told you any of the dreams yet
But I dare not remember cos they make my eyes wet
And now when I think about it
It’s not your going that hurts
It’s not your missing that kills
It’s not the fact that you’ve done in so little time
What mermaids haven’t done in their lifetimes
It’s just the thought of the truth
That like it or not
All that may remain
Are just memories in the head
You call this sweet memory, I don’t
Bittersweet it is

Forget my face if you so wish
Forget the voice that makes you mad forget the smile
Forget my name let it vanish into the air
Forget everything if your memory is not big enough
But your heart is big
Don’t try cos you can never forget how I made you feel
That’s my spell
And I cast it in your heart!