Saturday, October 2, 2010

60 minutes 3 fuckups

I’m better than this
better than making such big fool of myself
and definitely better than
hurting you so

I can blame it all on how much I like u
true sometimes your presence does overwhelm me
I can blame it on how fine I think you are
sometimes your beauty does confuse me
I can blame it on many many things
but that just won’t be enough
cos 3 fuckups in 60 minutes
damn I must be sick

I noe u say apology accepted
but I can’t get myself to turn the page
for the first time in all time
I was with you and yet felt strange
I fucked up so good
I didn’t even need anyone’s help
I fucked up so bad
and it hurts that it got to u

so let me make it up to you
call u each night to sing you a song
wake u up in the morning with sweet lined poems
walk you to your car, purse in my hand
visit you at home with ice cream and all
and as many times as you wish
suck the breath out of me with
a thousand and one kisses
I deserve it
cos 3 fuckups in 60 minutes
damn I must be crazy

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