Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dancing in the Rain

Pretty face with a pretty smile
I can listen to you talk for a whole long mile
Between my thoughts and the lines of my words
You’ve lingered in and out like spirits and worlds
That day in the mall I’d give to have again
Because clashing our words felt like dancing in the rain
You showed your big smile and caused me do the same
Then you laughed a funny tune that still plays on
Untouched by lustful desire
Unscathed by manly approaches
I can’t believe it still that your lips are virginity’s slaves
And a slave more you are to chastity, time and ideals
My flirty eyes are looking at you
What they may see I dare not look into
For fear that my thoughts may not be equipped well
To comprehend the vision that may be told of you
Pretty girl with a pretty voice
Clashing words just felt so good…so so good
Like dancing in the rain

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