Sunday, June 14, 2009


I hear songs unsung, faraway unknown

Songs that tell of beauty

Of what should be that is not

I hear as the lyrics unfold

Of this song not yet sang, not yet told

I see beauty and wonder as I wander

Beauty as the lilies, adorned in their ponds

Of the harmony in unity

Of the blissfulness of perfection

I see beauty faraway unknown

A yonder bode, that only I can see

I hear stories, told of this same mystery

Words that express, this same beauty that I see

Talks of fulfillment

Of purpose accomplishment

Of the birth of immortality

But these stories nobody hears

Nobody but me alone

Oh but if this gap could be bridged

Or this veil would be removed

Then you’d hear this song I hear

Then you’d see this sight I see

But with every step that we take

And every move that we make

We move closer still to this yonder bode

To the place of mystery

To the songs and to the sight

To the place where before time

We were joined as one

Where our love was birthed


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