Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fragile Heart

A fragile heart like a fresh laid egg
I hold in fear of hostile fall
Like a glass window in view of a stone
I ache with pain at the demise of us
Always too proud to tell my hearts fears
Pretending I’m strong that my manhood be not doubted
But my heart is fragile still
Susceptible and vulnerable to bitter loves pill
Hold me, keep me, guard me
My breath is short, my strength may faint
Like water through a net I am not all I seem
I ought to be the man; I ought to be the stronger I
ought to be the guard
And though all these I am I am also a lover
Weak because of cupid’s hole
Mad because of the spell cast of you
And afeard more of what will be the end of our beginning
If my gentle heart you cannot well keep
And my sugar coated words in your mind I cannot find
And never ending thoughts of me in your heart I cannot see.
Permit my exit from your scared loves bode
My heart is fragile and my breath is short but my love is true and my love is pure
So though I be the man I be sometimes weak
So hold me dear, hold me close and hold me tight
For my fragile heart is the one I give to you

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