Thursday, June 18, 2009


What do you do when the past keeps visiting your present?

When every time your eyes catch her sight

Your heart remem

bers that old and bright light

When everywhere you go you meet many signs

That keep asking why you letting her go?

She was everythin

g I cou

ld think about

My fair lady and chronic dream

Like strawberry topped vanilla ice cream

She was my reason to smile and cry and even lie

She was not the queen of my heart

She was my heart

Like a kaleidoscope of many colors

She brought diverse energies

And various synergies

Of love, and hope and joy

She was not the girl of my dreams

She was my dream

What do you do when she keeps coming up?

Even in moments when some else has her spot

She comes and she goes

And with that your being and your soul

Is it possible to just let her go so?

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