Monday, June 15, 2009

Sweet Memoir

No you are not!
You are not going to be my sweet memory
You are too relevant in the now
To belong in my past
You are the words inscribed on this page
I beg you ask me not to flip
Sweet memory? NO

A memory cannot be merely sweet unless it rolls on into the now
Unless by stretching I can still touch
And by touching we can still hold
And in holding we can still feel each others skin resonate
The shivers within
And the spikes down the spines
A memory cannot be merely sweet
Unless by remembering we can see each other now
And in seeing you can be wrapped in my armpit
And in so doing be close
And be near and be dear anytime anywhere
This memory cannot be merely sweet
Because distance has taken his place
And time has split our union
And the spirit that brought me to you
Has taken you from me
It cannot be a sweet memory
Because that may be all there will ever be
Because every time I stroll back
I’ll remember the smile
I’ll remember the face
I’ll remember the Cinderella dress
And the fairytale kiss
Every time I dare remember
I will remember I still owe you chocolates
And I still owe you a visit
And that we still have to catch some movies in the cinema

Sweet memory you say
It’s been merely a fortnight
But damn it I’ve felt your might
The messages keep coming back
My cell phone keeps ringing
I’m not tired of answering it
Neither are my fingers weary of punching keys
I have not told you any of the dreams yet
But I dare not remember cos they make my eyes wet
And now when I think about it
It’s not your going that hurts
It’s not your missing that kills
It’s not the fact that you’ve done in so little time
What mermaids haven’t done in their lifetimes
It’s just the thought of the truth
That like it or not
All that may remain
Are just memories in the head
You call this sweet memory, I don’t
Bittersweet it is

Forget my face if you so wish
Forget the voice that makes you mad forget the smile
Forget my name let it vanish into the air
Forget everything if your memory is not big enough
But your heart is big
Don’t try cos you can never forget how I made you feel
That’s my spell
And I cast it in your heart!

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  1. i wished she knows theis feeling you got.. i wished she realises what she misses...