Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Years Eve

We held hands and held hearts
My heart was pounding her heart was thumping
Threatening to beat out of our chests
We spoke little but we said all there was
I held her close as we took a stroll
A walk to remember to end that December
She smiled
It was beautiful
She was beautiful
Gracefully adorned in shades of pink that swept the ground
Upon which she walked
She took her steps well
Oh she did otherwise my mind will be sore
For though by my side
She was walking everywhere up in my head
The few she spoke fell like dew to the ground
Her every word was refreshing to the bone
We just walked on and on
Guided by nothing
It felt as though there was something to do
Or somewhere to be
Before the year flew away
And took with it a hope that was hidden
A desire that was covered
And a friendship that was least anticipated

Then like a rehearsed play
Like the sound of the notes of a well arranged song
Like a Hollywood movie
Or one the few good fantasies
We came to a stop
Within a second
December was over
Heavy sounds of stifling fear
Like cannons from the past were heard everywhere
Many shots fired, many hearts ablaze
Many eyes wandering many minds wondering
Many hopes flaring and dreams rising
As, in just a moment
The New Year’s sky was lighted up
Fireworks everywhere
Beautiful colors of red and yellow and green
And of purple and lavender and pink
There was beauty in the air
And more than that there was love shed abroad
For in that moment
Like two possessed lovers
Without either of us doing too much or resisting
Our eyes met
Our lips were wet
Our heads could no more control where they went
Our lips locked like the yarns of a net
I pulled her close
She fell in my arms
And with nothing said
I heard all she said
That she was all mine
Body, heart and mind

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