Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cafe Rococo

Ms Monaco
Please come join me in the café Rococo
Where we can make our dreams
Swim in rivers and drink from streams
Come to the café Rococo
Come eat some cake and drink some cocoa
Ms Monaco
Come blind my sight
With your beauty so bright
Come occupy this seat
By my side and make my heart beat
Let my feet grow cold
Let my lyrics sound old
Let soon stories be told
That by your side I am no more bold
Come join me in the café Rococo
Ms Monaco
Please don’t say no

I am here alone
Lost in wondrous thoughts
Of your seductive mannerisms
Like the rude god of the Persians
I have been defeated by no less a Spartan
Than you, Queen of hearts
My indolent self
Has been transformed by your
Mind blowing, tongue twisting and soul stirring self
Ah aa
You are to me
The drop of due
From the green leaves of the morning
Your beauty challenges the story of creation
Your hips could make Rolls Royce go mass production
If I had amnesia
I’d still remember your smile and laughter
If I had pneumonia
I’d still be with you even though you make me shiver

When first I set eyes on you
When I heard you speak
My heart fell in tune
Ms Monaco

You bring the best out of me
My honey will taste sweetest if I were a bee
You invoke my innermost desires
You make me boil like water on hot fires
You are so bright like sunflowers
You are like a rose with magical powers
Like red wine in a bottle
So is you in your body
Yes I am slain under your beauty
But your essence, your soul within
Is even more alluring
Even more overwhelming
Even more devouring
In love with you, I just keep drowning

Ms Monaco
Please come join me, in the café Rococo
Come through my life
Come stay, be my baby, be my girl, be my wife
Let’s share the joys and the gains
Let’s share the hurts and the pains
I am too human to promise perfection
But for every substitution
There will be ample compensation
Come let’s stand on the balcony
Let me call you honey and spray you some money
Come let’s wine and dine
Let me hold you close and make you mine
Let’s venture into the unknown
Having faith in God and our love
Ms Monaco
You make me laugh
Let me do you the same
You make me strong
Let me be the one with whom to move on
You make my heart beat
Let’s have children who’ll play in the streets
I know I have flaws
I make mistakes
And have my very own shortcomings
But what am I except a human

So Ms Monaco
Please come to the café Rococo
I am waiting
I’ve been waiting hours unending
Everyday I wait at this same spot
Ms Monaco please come
Everybody has left
Couples gone home
Lovers gone for strolls
But I am still here
I am tired
I am sleepy
But I am still here
Ms Monaco
Please come to me
I am here waiting
In the café Rococo

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