Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Can't we Together

Why can’t we be together
Me yours and you my better other
When we are so much in love
My heart and yours in united resonance
Why can’t you be mine and I yours
When our every presence makes each other shudder
When my words just make you smile
And your smiles just make my words compile
And my words again make you glow
And in glowing our love just keeps to grow
Like a dream of a long long night
Like a song that I hear that I do not wish to end
Like the waves of a gentle sea that I do not pray to cease
We look good together
Better than Romeo and Juliet his lover

We feel good together
Feel safer than Sampson in the arms of Delilah
We are perfect for each other
So why can’t we be like this forever
Why must we let reason unfounded
And excuses abounding
And the pride of life
And the egos of our hearts
Cause these same hearts to miss out on life
To miss out on trust
To miss out on hope on dreams on love
Why can’t we be together even though we be one
I can’t seem to understand
Why can’t it be us?

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