Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fruits of Love

Fruits of love freshly born
Pleasing to behold and to hold so pleases my heart
Yet piercing my heart so painful it does
Cupid’s arrow bruises my soul
My soul and its members I relinquish in my bid
In my desire I retire to the harsh burns of painful love’s fire
Look my way miss smiles look the way cupid looks
Caress my lips with the fruity juiciness of yours
And touch my skin with your chocolate seeming skin
If you were sent a messenger unto me from the gods
I’d capture you and be forever banished from their presence
To be thy lasting keeper
Thy carer and thy lover
I would without twice thinking steal you into my bode
Fruits of love freshly born
Seeds of which was planted ago
I wait till when in my hands I shall hold
And in beholding you, you shall belong
And be long and forever mine to have
My very other half
Mine to keep
In safest of keeps and of locks and keys
And to be forever together
The truest of friends and the best of lovers.

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