Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friends Forever

Friends forever we promised to be
Me to love you and you to love me
Friends forever we promised under the starry skies
With the stars starring and my shoulder soaking your cries
And my eyes filled with tears
Yet our hearts together to lead us through those fearsFriends forever
I remember our strolls in the nights
And our patrols in places where there were not even lights
I remember our walks in the dark when the moon was in smiles
And our talks of the fact that then we could go miles
Together we counted the eyes in the skies
And where there were none we created some with our sighs
How do I forget the rides in your cars?
And your touches while you dared to peel off my scars
Friends forever I remember

The sparkle in your eyes
Like some crystal ball or ice
And the beautiful brown of your pupils
Melted chocolate that attract all peoples
Your eyeballs like pebbles
Makes my heart go round in circles
Your lips your hips
Your smiles your sighs
Your neck your legs
Your curls your curves
Your breasts and my chest
In hugs like some bugs
Black beauty, dark and lovely
My MVP, B O sixteen
Friends forever we promised to be

Our ride was smooth
Few pains to soothe
Then in an instance there was a distance
In a moment there was torment
Then in your place there was a space
You no more look in my face,
We never again embrace
No more strolls to the place
Where you tingled under my bass
Regardless of my persistence there was a resistance
With little time I could feel us sublime
No more calls
No more dreams of balls
No more walks in the halls
And talks against the walls
No more mails
No more trails
No more dreams of our sails
To our dream house in Wales
But friends forever we promised to be
Maybe I slipped, maybe you tripped
Maybe I flipped a page too early
Or you skipped a line too soon
Maybe I ripped your heart too hard
Or you clipped my heart too strong
When we meet again don’t pass with a glance
Please give me the chance to prove am nice
Lets go for a dance
Lets fall into a trance
Lets keep that stance
And dream again of France
Lets correct your mistakes
Do whatever it takes
Lets mix like flakes
Or like the ducks and the drakes
Lets press the breaks
Lets cut the fakes
Lets cut the cakes
Lets swim the lakes
Lets dance like snakes
Lets be like before, you and me
Because we promised friends forever to be.

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