Sunday, June 14, 2009

Till Death Do Us Part

I have loved you for so long
You’ve been up here in my mind
Since the first our words crossed paths
You have been a constant thought
A momentary rush
A chronic desire
And a lasting lust
For to be my souls constant mate
My companion and constant date
I have always longed and yearned
Worked tirelessly till this end
When you become a prize well earned
For the rest of my life
I cannot have another wife
Because today we join our different parts
Till death do us part

I do not expect you to be forever beautiful
I do not require that your breasts never fall
I do not desire my love, that you never falter or fault
And though I pray for peace
I am not disillusioned to believe we may never disagree
But this one thing I know
That in sickness and in health
In riches and in poverty
In excitement and in apathy
In my youth and in my old age
It is you I want
It is you I need
For neither troubles as tall as the mountains high
Nor burdens as heavy as a cargo ship full
Can extinguish this my love for you

I look into your eyes
And I know I’ve known you before time
That before the thunder and lightning
Before the mist above was separated from below
And the sea was pulled together and land was made
The creator had you fashioned with us in mind
Your love is like a vine that grows into my heart
Like the sweet wine that is produced thereof
So is our everyday talk and smiles and union
Love is afterall one soul inhabiting two bodies
Yours and mine
And so whether the rain shines
Or the sun falls
Whether fishes fly
Or birds swim
Whether snakes run
Or cheetahs crawl
Me and you will forever stand tall
He who does not understand let him burn the sea
For me and you shall be together
Till death do us part

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