Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beauty and Her Beast

Hear this story

Of one beauty and her beast

The former so fair than any in the land

With beauty so rare, than jewels on a hand

A girl so kind

Could make you go blind

A heart so tender

Could leave you in awe to wonder

The words that she’ll speak

Would cause the proud to be meek

Beauty within, beauty without

A second look at her you can’t do without

The latter was so cold, he had a heart of stone

A heart rather of diamond, for to love he was never prone

His every word was vile

Is every action was foul

Had very few friends

And even those friendships had loosed ends

He had closed himself up

And sank the key in the sea

Pride had taken over him

And jealousy was his very best theme

A painful story of the past

Had seen him love his last

The former is beauty and the latter is beast

But beauty and the beast

Though so apart like the west and the east

The day they met

They were caught in a net

Beast couldn’t help but be cold

But beauty’s touches were of gold

He could only hate

But she was to him a fountain of love

And though to resist he tried

She broke his chains of pride

She sewed together the parts

Of his little broken heart

Then opened it up so wide

A heart fit to love and be loved

Taught him to forgive

And also give as he receives

Taught him how to care

And to treat someone so dear

Taught him also to hope

In times when it’s hard to cope

Taught that jealousy should be of the past

For love is based on trust

Taught him that on storms, with patience

You could work your way to calm and perfect ambience

This beauty worked on her beast

And his love grew like with yeast

Then this power of love reciprocated

Changed the beast to handsome Prince Charming

For the power of love

Can perfect every things glory

I tell you this story

Of beauty and her beast

Because the former is you and the latter I

For you are beauty and I your beast


  1. i loove this one... it sounds like a story of a beauty and her beast i know in real life..... aweeeeeeeeeeeeeee