Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tear Drops

My eyes are heavy and burdened with countless drops

Of crystal clear truthful tears

And yes I must admit there’s many more fears

But my heart beats bitter for these words not said

Every night you fill my thoughts and I wish that was enough

Through the day you are my

ever gay dream

But that too does not wield all the steam

Because though this train wishes to move

It wishes to move and never to halt

So to love you I know that I most definitely probably do

Yet to say and commit I’m presumably absolutely scared

Because I’ve been too many times bruised

Many more than that abused

Taken for granted and trodden over

Because I’ve been cupids victim; a lover

So hold on some more little white rose

Allow my tear drops to wet your petals more

For in one tear drop many things are said

Many things that the lips are too cowardly to allow to escape

Allow some more meetings with the hands of the clock

When the time is right the siren will chime

For I most definitely probably do

And will possibly explicitly say I love you very soon.

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