Sunday, June 14, 2009


If only you could feel the pain you left punched in my heart

Or even count the joy you took with you away

If only you see in now in me, the fountain of bitterness you’ve planted

Then you’d understand dear why I begged you not to leave me

You touched my heart with tender love and care

And opened my eyes to see, beyond your heart when I wouldn’t even dare

You turned my heart of diamond to a piece of flesh with feelings

And brought back light when I had prematurely entered my night

Now… now am only a withering rose, a lily by a dry pond

My heart is gradually shutting up for your love that kept it open is no more

In the mirror I see in my eyes no fire again

My fuel is married to death

By dying you killed my passion, to love another again

Your image is always in my head,

Your words in my heart

You in my dreams

Why did you leave me, Soledad?

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