Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Contemplations of a Wandering Soul

I sit and I think

Wandering everyday in thoughts and imaginations

Like a ship on the waters with no yonder light

I walk in total darkness with nothing in sight

I shout within

My hair stands without

My heart beats irregular rhythms

Cos my brain cannot fathom the changing seasons

My emotions move to and fro like a boy

Swinging on a see saw or like a buoy

Moving on the sea so

Or like a toy

Changing owners here and there

My head spins my heart races

Everything about me changes even my walk, my talk

And the frequency with which I look at my clock

I sit and I think

What’s this disease I caught?

My stomach churns

My tongue tightens

I lose my mind and I lose my cool

Damn it

A wandering soul

So I sit and I think

What is this?

I’m wondering everyday if this feeling is right

I’m wandering everyday from my left to my right

I pick a pen and paper but just can’t write

Don’t know what to say

Don’t know where to start

Is this the thing?

What they call love

Is this the confusion it bestows on its wielder?

Or am I the one lost from my many travels

From my wandering and straying

Is she the one?

Or I’ve just been wandering

Contemplating over nothing? Huh?


  1. ohhh wow... this is so touchyyy... i love it and most of all its not a contemplating soul wandering its me n you babe...