Sunday, June 14, 2009

Before You'll say I Do

If only you had the eyes that could see

Or the ears that could hear

See the realms unseen

Hear the whispers of the spirits unknown

If only you could perceive the mysteries

And understand the puzzles

If you could see from one dimensional plane to another

Then you’d understand me

I feel something that is bound by no rules

I feel a sensation that is limited by no protocol

I know of a st

ate that rules the dimensions and planes

When you say “I will”

I hear you say “I do”

When we walk arm in arm

I see us in the aisle

When you sing your songs

I hear the wedding bells and gongs

When I see you dress up your doll

I see us cater for our kids

Every rose I bring to your doorstep

I pick from the garden am yet to plant for you

I see beyond that which we now perceive

Everyday the father pours into me

More of him, more of that state

I feel the pain when you bite your thumb

I feel the hurt when you trip and fall

Sorrow engulfs me when tears fill your eyes

I hear my name before you call out to me

Before you’ll say I do, you’ve said I do

For I'm in love

With none but you