Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Prayers

Every mor


Before I begin my day I say a


In the heart of the praye

r I make my dearest request

Life is not a path bounded b

y gardens of flowers and rivers of


So I pray that God gives you endurance, to walk the rough and tough with me

I smile at many faces and steal a dozen glances which sure do make you jealous

So I pray that you lear

n to trus

t me and not burn me with

your stares

I am only human and sometimes may not look

my best

So I pray that you are not swayed by handsome hu


But you’ll cherish me just the way I am

Every afternoo


Before I

take my lunch I say a prayer

In the heart of the prayer I make my dearest reque


Sometimes am so busy I forget to pass by or even call you to say hi

So I pray you find it in your heart to forgive me and go an extra mile to tolerat

e me

Sometimes I bark at you with anger and mighty ann


So I pray I understand your every action and learn

how to keep from hurting you

At times I lie deceitfully, or even break my glorious promises

So I pray you don’t expect Heaven from me,

But believe me to give

you my best

Every night

Before I go to bed I say a prayer

In the heart of the prayer I make my dearest request

Emotions like the moon change with time and place

So I pray that what we share be like the sun, moves about but always round and abright

Life would have no meaning without mountains and valleys; ups and down

So I pray that through the turmoil and troubles, rubble and bubble we’ll still hold on

Life is no dream dear, nor some fantasy in ecstasy;

Nor some fairytale that will end happily ever after

So I pray we prepare for the worst, yet hope still for the best

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