Saturday, June 20, 2009

Remember our Wednesday Walks

Do you remember the days gone by long long ago
Once upon a time me and you used to flow
We’d shiver and quiver at the sight of each other
And bless God should it rain
We’d find nothing stopping me and you
From wrapping together till the rain was through
Do you remember our every Wednesday Walk?
We’d giggle over nothing and find something to say just so we would talk
You taught me all I know about girls
I taught you all there is to know about guys
Run around run about for nothing in particular
Two best friends our affair was spectacular
Do you remember the days gone long long ago?
Once upon a time we used to stroll every week
We’d go down the road to get some ice cream
I liked holding your arm
I loved acting like a big boy
Who could stand in the way so none would hurt you
And every night when you’d give me a peck on my cheeks
Damn! It felt like getting a new dress fresh from the boutique
And once or twice we’d discuss our future wedding
Should we do it together?
Should we marry each other?
Or we could just marry two others?
It’s been ages since we last took a stroll
And though I know we’re both now grown
It won’t be bad to walk around again
It won’t be bad to hug you again
Or have you run into my arms when it threatens to rain
And when we get some ice cream
From that place, “Le Petit Paris”
Maybe we can smear it over each other like we did long long ago
And slurp it off our cheeks and arms and lips
And when we’ve had all the fun
We’d take a perfect picture
And call it none other but
“Remember our Wednesday Walks”

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