Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What if i was not Taken

What if I was not taken?

Would it make any difference at all?

You sure you would be professing your love

This much if I was a loner and you had no lover

What if I was to say let’s give it a shot?

Would you go ahead with all your love ranting

And sugarcoated promises and emotional this that that?

What if I was not taken?

Would you go catch a movie with me

And slurp some ice cream

And toss around some pop corn

And spill laughter everywhere we go?

Will you be willing to take my jealousy?

And my constant demand for attention?

Would you cook when you’ve done your nails

Would you drive when your back is hurting and I be sleeping

Oh and when it’s cold and I want some warmth yet you too tired would you show me some love?

I have some mood swings

I have some nasty habbits

Sometimes I snore

Is that something you can ignore?

You say it’s too late

We’ve got the wrong date

But what if I was not taken

What would have changed?

Would you still go on and on about how you love me?

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